Motion Detector Not Triggering

  • updated 3 mths ago

Troubleshooting Steps

If you feel your sensor is not properly triggering we recommend testing the sensor. Your motion detector will only trigger every 3 minutes unless you are using the tamper button on the top right-hand side of the sensor.

  1. Perform a sensor test
  2. Replace the battery (CR123A)
  3. Upon detecting motion, a motion detector sends a signal to the panel and then enters sleep mode for 3 minutes. You must wait for 3 minutes before it will trigger again unless you press the tamper button on the top right side of the sensor.
  4. Verify that the panel has not defaulted to Stay Mode if you are testing the motion detector by arming the system away
  5. Verify the motion detector is oriented properly. The "TOP" sticker on the back of the mounting plate should face upward
  6. Adjust the sensor for better coverage
  7. Move the panel closer to the sensor

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