Alarm Event - System Tampered

  • updated 7 mths ago

This possible False Alarm Event occurs when a sensor is not securely mounted in position or has fallen from its install location.

For example, you have to arm your system before leaving for the day. While at work you get a call saying there was an alarm triggered at your home, and your sensor is showing tampered. The first things that pop into your head are probably:

  • Is someone breaking into my house?
  • What does tamper mean?
  • What's wrong and how do I fix it?

In the event that someone is breaking into your home, this TAMPER feature eliminates the potential of them tampering with your sensors without you receiving some sort of notification; even if your system is NOT ARMED. However, if it's not an emergency it can be a nuisance.


Step One:

Enter Settings on your panel, click "Sensors"


Step 2:

Select the sensor that is showing tampered


Step 3:

Click "Edit" on the sensor line showing the tamper alert. Before taking any actions in the panel, you will want to view the physical sensor and make sure that it is secure in its installation location and that the sensor is completely closed.

Step 4:

Click Remove Sensor; you will be asked if you are sure you want to remove the sensor. You will want to remove the sensor from the panel prior to adjusting the sensor to stop the panel from sending multiple signals to the monitoring station.

Having removed the sensor from the panel you can now adjust the sensor, making it more secure, mounting the sensor with a screw if necessary. Once your sensor is secure you can relearn it into your system: 

  • Enter Settings on your panel
  • Click "Sensors" 
  • Select the type of sensor you want to add

  • Click Add Sensor and follow the panel as it prompts until your sensor has been successfully added to your panel.

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