Complete Sensor Signal Test

  • updated 6 mths ago

The purpose of this test is to verify the communication of your system with the monitoring station.

Testing your Sensors

  1. Enter your Settings on the panel on the top right of your touch screen.
  2. Click System
  3. Click Test System
  4. Select the Test button next to Complete Sensor Signal Test
  5. The screen will turn Yellow and read Test will end in 10 minutes. The screen will then show a list of all of your sensors on the left and on the right, you will see the word Trigger.
  6. Walk around your home and open and close all of your doors and windows that have a sensor on them.
  7. If you have additional sensors such as motion sensors, smoke detectors, key remotes, flood sensors, etc., you will need to trigger those sensors as you did when you added the sensor to your system. (See the attached file for examples of how to trigger sensor)
  8. Once the test is complete the panel will return you to the "Test System " page and the test button will be green/teal

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