What Do I Do If I Move To a New Home or Location?

We understand that life happens. In the event that you move locations, we recommend you take your Cove system with you. We do not charge for changing locations. This article will walk you through the simple process. 

  1. Carefully remove your sensors. Do not damage the sensor casing. 
  2. Unplug your Cove Simple panel.
  3. Press and hold the two side buttons (Home and Telephone) for 10 seconds until you are prompted to restart the panel. 
  4. Enter your code. The panel will reboot, but because it isn't powered, it will stay powered off for transport.
  5. Purchase double sided sticky tape at Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, Amazon, etc. We recommend 3M mounting tape. It's cheap and awesome.
  6. When you arrive at your new home, plug in the panel. 
  7. Trigger or tamper each sensor to identify where to mount the sensor in the new home. The panel will tell/show you which sensor you have in hand.
  8. You can also rename the sensors as needed by going here.
  9. If you need to swap any door sensors for window sensors, or vice versa, you can do so by going here
  10. Mount sensors. If you have extras, you can simply delete them or select Long Term Bypass for that individual sensor.
  11. Contact us here once you know your new location and updated emergency contacts. This is critical, you don't want the authorities dispatching to your old home!
  12. Perform a sensor test: Settings > System > Test System > Complete Sensor Signal Test

Congratulations, you've done it! As always, if you need additional support please contact us at 855.268-3669 or chat with us online. We are available 8AM to 6PM MST on weekdays We also have after hour support available from 6PM-9PM Mon-Sat. Thanks for choosing Cove.

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