Portal - My Account

  • updated 1 yr ago

This article explains what is included in the Account Tab on the online portal.

Features Available on the Account Page:

  • Account Information 
  • System Password
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Notifications
  • User Settings
  • Security Certificate
  • Monitoring Plan


Account Information

View and update your monitored address, shipping address, phone number, and email address. (Note: your monitored address is where we will dispatch emergency services in the case of an alarm event.)


System Password

Your verbal password is the safeword you will be asked for to verify your account.


Emergency Contacts

These are trusted friends or family members that we will contact during an alarm event if we are unable to reach you.


User Settings

Update the password for your portal account. Also enable or disable multi-factor authentication. See Portal - Multi-Factor Authentication for more information. 

Update Security Certificate

Download or request an updated security certificate. 

Many home insurance companies will provide a discount for homeowners with security systems.


Monitoring Plan

View your current monitoring plan and upgrade or downgrade your plan.

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