Need Help Removing and/or Moving A Sensor?

If you have installed your sensors but now need to move them because you are:

  • Remodeling your home
  • Replacing a door
  • Getting new windows
  • Painting your walls or ceiling

We recommend using a few simple techniques to remove your sensors:

  • Twisting the sensor, till the adhesive pulls away from the wall
  • Using a butter knife or razor blade
  • Sliding a piece of dental floss between the sensor adhesive and the wall
  • Using a wet rag or washcloth while twisting the sensor

Removing your sensors

  1. Unplug your panel from the wall
  2. Press and hold both the Home and Call button down, at the same time for 12 seconds
  3. Enter your four-digit master code

With your panel now powered off, you can begin to remove your sensors from their installation locations.

Re-Installing System

Once you have completed the remodeling of your home and installed your sensors back into their desired locations.

  1. Power on your Cove panel by plugging it into an outlet
  2. Wait three minutes for the Red X to go away from over the cell bars, on the top left of the panel screen
  3. Enter into your panel Settings
  4. Press System
  5. Press Test System
  6. Press the greyed out Test button next to the Complete Sensor Signal test

Running the Complete Sensor Signal Test once you have re-installed your sensors, can give you the added confidence that your sensors are communicating with our monitoring station.

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