Motion Detector False Alarms

  • updated 11 days ago

It is important to regularly test and maintain all system sensors. A low battery or abnormal damage to the sensor can cause irregular activity. 

Troubleshooting False Alarms

  1. Check the sensitivity jumper on the back of the sensor, and decrease sensitivity if needed
  2. Verify that the sensor is installed in a climate-controlled environment, not outside or in a non-climate-controlled shed or garage.
  3. Verify that the sensor is not facing a window (the sun can heat up the window and can trigger PIR motion sensors)
  4. Make sure that large animals are not setting off the motion sensor (we suggest using glass break detectors, preventing your pets from moving in front of the sensor, or arming your system in stay mode if you have large pets)
  5. Replace the battery (CR123A)

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