Stuck During Setup Process Steps 1-6

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  If you are having trouble with your installation, this article aims to:

  • Explain the different steps of pre-installation
  • Troubleshoot your panel if it gets stuck on one of the first six steps

Pre-Installation Steps

Your Cove system has arrived, and your first step is to plug in the panel. Once your panel has powered on, the screen will turn blue, and the panel will begin with steps one through six:

  1. Step One: Establishing communication with cell tower
  2. Step Two: Panel connecting to the network
  3. Step Three: Panel registered to server & able to send data to the server
  4. Step Four: Panel received acknowledgment from the server that the system is registered
  5. Step Five: Panel gets IP from Server
  6. Step Six: Panel connects to the server and is online

Troubleshooting Steps

Depending on which part of the installation you get stuck on, your best option is to reset the panel. For troubleshooting steps specific to each step, please view the list below:

  1. Step One: Unable To Establish Connection
    • If you get stuck on steps two or three, complete the same troubleshooting steps found under step one
  2. Step Four: Call 855.268.3669 for support and verify with them that the Interactive ID (serial number) is the same in our system as on the back of your panel
  3. Step Five & Six: Perform a Hard Reset on your panel

Once your panel powers back up, it should proceed through Steps 1-6 with no additional issues. If your panel skips to the "I'm Ready to Arm Screen,"; you can use the articles below to make sure your sensors get installed correctly. Afterward, you will need to call 855.268.3669 for Support to have your system activated in the Monitoring Station.

Completing Installation

If your panel did not take you through the installation wizard after powering back on, be sure that:

This article for troubleshooting sensors that will not verify during installation will help you complete your installation.


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