Motion Detector Loss of Supervision

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Understanding Motion Detector Issues

It is important to regularly test and maintain all system sensors. A low battery or abnormal damage to the sensor can cause irregular activity, including loss of supervision. Loss of supervision is an automatic diagnostic the system uses to verify that sensors are wirelessly communicating properly. Other contributing factors that can cause loss of supervision are distance to the panel, large mirrors, large fish tanks, large metal objects, or concrete/mortar barriers and objects.

Step by Step Instructions

When your sensors are experiencing a LOSS of SUPERVISION we need to identify if it is being caused by:

  1. The distance of the sensor from the panel and/or interference
  2. A low battery or
  3. A bad sensor


To test if your sensor is too far from the panel:

  • Change the location of the panel to be closer to the malfunctioning sensor (within 10-20 feet). This is a temporary troubleshooting step. You do not have to keep your panel next to the sensor
  • Test the sensor to reconnect it to the panel
  • Wait 48 hours to see if the issue persists

Deleting the sensor and re-adding it back:

  • If your issues persist, delete the sensor from the system
  • Re-add it back to the system. For help doing this, follow this link.
  • If the sensor will not clear or continues the Loss of Supervision, follow the next steps. 

If deleting and adding back the sensor does not fix your issue

  • Try replacing the battery. When you take out the battery, please wait 30-40 seconds before inserting the new battery. 
  • Test the sensor to reconnect it to the panel
  • Wait 48 hours to see if the issue persists

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