How to Change a Motion Detector Battery

  • updated 6 mths ago

If you have received a Motion Detector Low Battery message on your panel, you will need to replace the battery promptly to ensure the device continues to function properly. Information to order replacements can be found in our article, How to Order Replacement Batteries.

How to Replace Battery

  1. Disarm your Cove panel before you begin this process
  2. Open the Motion Detector by pressing in on the recessed tab at the bottom of the sensor and pull the case towards you to remove the sensor from the base plate.
  3. Pay close attention to the orientation of the (+) and (-) sides of the battery 
  4. Place the new CR123A battery in the sensor
  5. Replace the sensor case back on the base plate

To ensure that your Motion sensor is functioning properly, run a Complete Sensor Signal Test.

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