Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector Loss of Supervision

Understanding Smoke/Heat/Freeze Issues

It is important to regularly test and maintain all system sensors. A low battery or abnormal damage to the sensor can cause irregular activity, including loss of supervision. Loss of supervision is an automatic diagnostic the system uses to verify that sensors are wireless communicating properly. Other contributing factors that can cause loss of supervision are distance to the panel, large mirrors, large fish tanks, large metal objects, or concrete/mortar barriers and objects.

Step by Step Instructions

Troubleshooting Loss of Supervision 

Follow these steps:

  1. Replace batteries (3x AAA)
  2. Move the panel closer to the sensor
  3. Remove interfering objects listed above
  4. If the sensor continues to fault please chat with us by selecting the icon to the bottom right of this screen or call us at 855.268.3669.


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