Troubleshooting Push Notifications

This article will assist you with troubleshooting the Cove App when you are no longer receiving push notifications. This is a different notification type from text or email.

  1. Delete your Cove App
  2. Re-download the app
  3. Reboot your cellular device by powering it off and back on
  4. Make sure your cell phone has the Wifi off so that it is only running on your cellular data
  5. Log into the App
  6. Click the home button on your phone; this will place the app in the background on your device
  7. Click the power button on your phone; your screen will go dark
  8. Arm your system from the panel, while watching the dark phone screen for an alert
  9. Wait until your system is fully armed; allow up to two minutes to pass for the notification to arrive
  10. Disarm your system from the panel, while watching the dark screen for an alert

Call 855.268.3669 for additional assistance or you can also email our support team from our Contact Us page

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