Can I use my existing security equipment with Cove?

  • updated 4 mths ago

Our Panel may be compatible with existing equipment from a previous company, but due to factors out of our control, we are unable to promise compatibility. We will gladly try to connect your existing equipment though, and assist to the best of our abilities.

Please note that existing or 3rd party equipment has no warranty through Cove. Meaning if that sensor breaks you will need to purchase a new sensor with us for replacement.

Lastly, this is the criteria for the Cove Simple panel which is no longer offered. If you are interested in learning about our new equipment click here.


In order for existing equipment to work with a Cove system, it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Sensors Must Be Wireless
  • Sensors Must Be on a 345 MHz Network
  • Sensors Must not be Encrypted
  • Sensors for Doors/Windows Must not be recessed
  • Sensor Compatibility

The following company equipment is not compatible due to missing one or more of the listed criteria:

  • Comcast/Xfinity
  • Spectrum
  • Cox
  • Ring
  • Simplisafe
  • Guardian
  • Brinks
  • Frontpoint
  • Vivint (Depending on the Age of the equipment).
  • ADT (Depending on Age and model of equipment)

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