Motion Detector Sensitivity

  • updated 6 mths ago

By default and under proper circumstances, Motion detectors will not detect a body under 30 lbs.

Adjusting Settings for Pets

To change the setting:

  • Open the back of the Motion detector
  • Remove the PET pin covering the 55 lbs jumper
  • Place the PET pin on the 33 lbs jumper

Understanding Your Motion Detector's Sensitivity

By default, Motion Detectors are set to a HIGH sensitivity, so it will be triggered more easily than if set to LOW sensitivity. To change this setting:

  • Open the back of the Motion Detector
  • Remove the SENS pin covering the HIGH jumper
  • Place the SENS pin on the LOW jumper

It is important to keep in mind, a 10 lb cat 40 feet away from the sensor will not set off the sensor, however, that same cat 10 feet from the sensor will cause the sensor to go off.

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