Smoke/Heat/Freeze False Alarms

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It is important to regularly test and maintain all system sensors. A low battery or abnormal damage to the sensor can cause irregular activity. 

Troubleshooting False Alarms

  1. Make sure the detector is a Cove sensor and not a pre-existing smoke detector.
  2. Make sure the sensor was not installed in any of the following places:
    • Directly above a sink
    • Directly above a stove or oven, or within 5 feet of any cooking appliance
    • Next to a door or window that would be affected by drafts, like an extractor fan or air vent
    • Where airflow would be obstructed by curtains or furniture
    • Where dirt or dust could collect and block the sensor
    • Where it could be knocked, damaged, or accidentally removed
    • Near a bathroom, sauna, or other location where steam can cause false alarms
  3. Replace batteries (3x AAA)
  4. To prevent false alarms, fire protection detectors have the option of enabling Fire Alarm Verification. This can be adjusted in the individual detector settings on the panel.
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