How To Test Motion Sensors

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Understanding Your Motion

Our sensors are battery-powered, in order to optimize battery life, our sensor transmits a signal when motion is detected and then enters a "sleep mode" for 3 minutes.

Some mistakenly attribute this sleep mode to a malfunctioning sensor; for best results, wait for three minutes before testing.

Testing Detection

To test the movement element of our motion sensors, it is important to first understand the technology involved. If you are verifying that the sensor is signaling properly, tamper the device by pressing the button on the right side of the sensor. (The panel will announce the name of the sensor, followed by the word "tampered."

Checking Made Easy

Using the LED lights on the keypad is the easiest way to test the motion sensor

  1. Have the system in a disarmed state
  2. DO NOT walk in front of the motion sensor for three minutes
  3. Walk-in front of your motion sensor, your panel's home button will flash Yellow. This will occur each time a motion signal is transmitted.
  4. This will allow you to determine if the sensor is detecting movement and also let you explore its range capabilities.

Another Option

Setting your alarm system in away mode is another way to test the motion sensor

  1. Arm your system in Away mode
  2. Make sure your phone is available to speak with our monitoring station and that you remember your verbal password/safe word. You will need it to 
  3. If you arm in Away mode using the panel, you must open and close and exterior door, during the 60-second countdown. If you do not, the panel will default back to Stay mode, which disables your motion sensor. (This does not apply when arming from a key remote or our mobile app)
  4. DO NOT walk in front of the motion sensor for three minutes
  5. Walk in front of your motion sensor, and your panel alarm siren will sound
  6. Disarm your alarm system and answer any calls to your phone for the next few minutes, it may be the Monitoring Station
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