How To Get The Cove App

  • updated 4 mths ago

In order to use the Cove mobile app with your security system, you need to have selected our Cove Plus Package that includes the app feature. Please follow these steps to get the Cove mobile app. 

  1. Navigate to either the App Store or Google Play store. If you are searching on your device, please type in "Cove Security" in your search bar to find the mobile app. 

  2. Download the Cove mobile app on either your IOS or Android device.

  3. Complete the installation of your alarm system before you try to log into the app. 

  4. Your username is your primary phone on the account & your temporary password is your zip code for your monitoring address. 

  5. Once you have successfully installed your alarm system, log into the app and create a new password.

  6. If you want to update your username as well, you can do so by going into "Users" clicking on your name, and creating a new username. You will be required to fill out the rest of the app credential info to create a new username. 

  7. Use the app to arm and disarm your system to have complete control over your Cove alarm system.

We are in the development phase of implementing full home automation for Cove customers, so currently we cannot offer all the services displayed on the App Store or Google Play store. 

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