Disarming System via the Panel

When the system is armed, your Cove Touch panel screen will read either “I’m armed in stay mode” or “I’m armed in away mode.” When armed, all intrusion sensors are actively protecting the home and will alert the system if a sensor is triggered. Disarming the alarm system disables this intrusion feature.

Disarming System via Panel

  1. Upon entering your home the alarm will begin an audible entry delay countdown for 30 seconds before triggering the alarm. If you don't make it in time, no worries, you can still disarm your system and you may receive a call from the monitoring center to verify you are OK. 
  2. To disarm the system in a way or stay mode, enter the 4-digit user passcode on the keypad. 
  3. You can also disarm your system via the key remote or via the Cove Mobile App.

Call 855.268.3669 for additional assistance or you can email Support from the Contact Us page

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  • Can’t enter home to use panel or alarm goes off before we get to panel. And I can’t use the app. It doesn’t work. My kids don’t always have the remote with them 

    • Brenda Hudson I am sorry you having issues with your system Branda. Good news is that all of those concerns sound like fairly easy fixes. Give us a call at 855-268-3669 and we will help you get your account all squared away. 

  • I don’t always enter in the same door.  REALLY need the ability to have additional panel. Also, since we have a 2 story home, additional sirens are imperative. When can I expect to have these features that are available with every other alarm system?

    • Trey Campbell We appreciate the feedback you have provided. Currenty our panels are incompatible to sync with eachother so that is why we currently do not offer a secondary panel. As an alternative, we do offer the Cove app that allows you to arm and disarm using your phone. In addition there is also the key remote that we offer to do the same effect. As for the sirens, we do appreciate the feedback and is something we can look into. I don't have an exact window to provide for this.