Disarming System Via Key Remote

  • updated 6 mths ago

When the system is armed your panel screen will read either “I’m armed in stay mode” or “I’m armed in away mode.” When armed, all intrusion sensors are actively monitoring the home and will alert the system if a sensor is triggered. Disarming the alarm system disables this intrusion feature. The Key Remote has an approximate range of 100 feet from the Cove Touch panel.

How to Disarm System Via Key Remote

  1. You can disarm your system before or after you enter your home with the Key Remote. If you choose to enter your home first before disarming your system, the alarm will begin a 30-second audible entry delay countdown before triggering the alarm.
  2. To disarm while the system is in a way or stay mode, press and hold the "Disarm" button for three seconds until the blue LED light blinks at the top of the Key Remote. 
  3. You can also disarm your system via the Cove Touch panel or via the Cove Mobile App.



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