Installing Flood/Freeze Sensor

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Step by Step Guide

If you are adding new equipment to your alarm system, make sure you have already added this Flood/Freeze Sensor to your alarm system before you install this piece of equipment.

Common Installation Locations

  • Behind a toilet
  • Under a sink
  • Under a fridge
  • Beside or behind a washing machine
  • Near a water heater
  • In a basement


  • Avoid placing in a location where a child can easily access the sensor
  • Do not place on metallic surfaces or aluminum trays
  • Do not place where water can condense on the sensor

Installing Flood/Freeze Sensor

Place the Flood/Freeze sensor in the desired area as per the recommendations listed above with the four copper contacts facing down.

Using Flood/Freeze Sensor

The Flood/Freeze sensor is designed to detect pooling water as it makes contact across the copper contacts on the bottom of the sensor. It also detects temperatures below 41 degrees that could cause water pipes to burst. These features are designed to provide early detection in the case of a water leak or freezing temperatures.

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