Loss of Supervision Door/Window Sensors

When your sensors are experiencing a LOSS of SUPERVISION we need to identify if it is being caused by:

  1. The distance of the sensor from the panel and/or interference
  2. A low battery or
  3. A bad sensor


To test if your sensor is too far from the panel:

  • Change the location of the panel to be closer to the malfunctioning sensor (within 10-20 feet) (Note this is a simple troubleshooting step, you do not have to keep your panel next to the sensor)
  • Test the sensor to reconnect it to the panel
  • Wait 48 hours to see if the issue persists

Deleting the sensor and re-adding it back:

  • If your issues persist, delete the sensor from the system
  • Re-add it back to the system. For a door use this link, for a window use this link. 
  • If the sensor will not clear or continues the Loss of Supervision, follow the next steps. 

If deleting and adding back the sensor does not fix your issue


*Plus customers have a lifetime warranty available to use when replacing equipment
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