Door/Window Sensor not Responding

  • updated 7 mths ago

This article will help assist you to troubleshoot your door or window sensor when it is not responding.

  • Verify the magnet alignment/gap size is less than 1 inch
  • If the spacing is good, remove the sensor from the panel
  • Re-add the sensor to the panel and see if this resolves your issue.

If the problem persists: do you know if the door or window is made of metal? If this is the case, there is a possibility that the metal is interrupting the sensor module communication. Following the steps below will help us figure out if the sensor communicates with the panel properly before installation:

  1. Remove the magnet from the door frame or window
  2. Separate the magnetic contacts, to imitate the open/close of the door
  3. If the sensor is working properly, the panel will state the contact is open/closed
  4. Swap the install location of the sensor, place the sensor with the magnet on the non-metal surface

If the problem persists, replace the battery in the sensor and imitate the open/close of the door. If it begins working properly with the battery replaced, the issue is resolved.

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