Advanced Panel Troubleshooting

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This article will address and assist you to troubleshoot the most uncommon issues that you could have with your panel. We have worked hard to develop a high-quality system, so we understand how frustrating it can be when you run into unexpected trouble.

Uncommon Panel Issues

  • The panel will not power on
  • Frozen panel screen/unresponsive
  • Unable to soft reset

Panel Not Powering On

If your panel will not power on:

  1. Unplug the panel from the wall outlet
  2. You will need to unplug the backup battery inside of the panel
    • Slide off the stand by pulling it downwards until it clicks out of the locked position
    • Below the white button on the back of the panel Unscrew the battery door
    • Slide the battery cover down to remove
    • Pull the battery (from the right side) up and out to reveal the battery connectors
    • Gently pull these connectors from the panel and set it aside (leave the battery cover off)
  3. Plug the panel back into the outlet
  4. Wait for the panel to turn on and move to the home "I'm Ready to Arm" screen (this may take a few moments) and leave it powered on with A/C power only for 2-3 minutes without the backup battery attached. 
  5. Plug the battery back into the panel and re-attach the cover and stand

Frozen Panel Screen/Unresponsive

If your panel is not responding when you touch the screen or the home or call button, you will need to hard reset your panel:

  1. Remove the backplate from the Cove panel
  2. Unplug the AC power cord from the outlet
  3. Carefully unplug the backup battery cable from its terminal
  4. Once the panel is powered off completely, wait 10 seconds
  5. Plug the backup battery cable back into the terminal
  6. Plug the AC power cord into the outlet
  7. Put the backplate back on the panel

**Wait for four minutes before continuing to ensure the panel has properly rebooted.**

Unable to Soft Reset

Most of the common panel malfunctions i.e. panel communication failure can be fixed by completing a Soft Reset:

  1. Unplug the AC power cord from the outlet
  2. Press and hold down BOTH the home and the phone button on your panel, at the same time for 12 seconds
  3. Your panel will ask you to enter in your Master code to reset
  4. Enter your four-digit master code
  5. Your panel will power off, wait 10 seconds
  6. Plug the AC power cord back into the outlet

If you are unable to complete a soft reset and/or a soft reset does not resolve your issue, contact our Support Team at 855.268.3669 for assistance. 

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