Arming in Stay Mode

Arm Stay & Night Mode

When arming the system, select this mode when people will be staying inside the home. This mode arms your door, window, and glass break sensors but leaves the motion sensors disarmed. A helpful "Arm Stay" option is to select "Night Mode", which will immediately arm your system (no countdown) and remove any entry delay that is set on your door sensors. This means that if someone triggers a door sensor, it will set off the alarm immediately with no delay.

To arm your system in Stay Mode

  • Click "Arm Stay" on the home screen
  • Your system will announce "Arming Stay" and the countdown screen will appear with 60 seconds.
  • You may cancel arming by pressing the "Cancel" button, the panel will then prompt you to enter your user passcode.

To arm your system in Night Mode

  • Click "Arm Stay" on the home screen
  • Your system will announce "Arming Stay" and the countdown screen will appear.
  • Select "Night Mode" while the system is counting down

Your system will immediately Arm in Night Mode, this will differ from Stay Mode in that you will no longer have a transmission or entry delay time. Your alarm will immediately begin to sound and our monitoring station will call you. 

Call 855.268.3669 for additional assistance or you can also email Support from the Contact us page

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  • How can I do this from the mobile app?  You can arm stay it seems, but I can't see a way to arm in night mode on the mobile app.

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    • Dave Thanks for reaching out to Cove. The night mode feature only lives and is usable directly via the control panel. Great feedback though. We will take that into consideration for the future. 

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    • Hector Mercado Thank you for the feedback!

  • we haven't trying arming the system in AWAY mode as of yet - we do have pets, a cat and 60-lb dog. Do you have a suggestion that would work best for this? 

    • Jackie Farell Ya, in your situation, I would not use away mode as all. The only exception is when you go out of town and you take your pets with you. That 60-Ib dog will for sure set off the motion for sure - the only exception to that is if your dog is in a kennel of sorts. 

  • Will a cat set off the motion detector?

    • Donald Smith Pets under 30 lbs. will not set off the motion detector, no.