Arming in Away Mode

Arming Away

When arming the system, select this mode when people will be leaving the home. When armed, all intrusion sensors (including motion sensors) are actively protecting your home and will alert the monitoring station if a sensor is triggered. To arm your system in "Away Mode"

  • Click "Arm Away" on the home screen
  • Your system will announce "Arming Away" and the countdown screen will appear with 60 seconds
  • If you are Arming from the panel, a door sensor must be triggered during this countdown to let the system know you have left the home. Otherwise, the system will arm in Stay Mode.
  • You have an option to cancel arming by pressing the "Cancel" button, the panel will then prompt you to enter your user passcode

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  • Hi! Is there a countdown period if someone walks in the door with “arming away” on but doesn’t have immediate access to the panel to turn it off prior to entry? I am thinking if the home is armed and I have our cleaning lady come in the house, how long does she have to get to the keypad prior to it actually alarming the monitoring system??

    • Heather VanderWal Yes, that is called the entry delay. By default, you'll have 30 seconds to get to the panel to disarm the alarm. To increase that time, go to Settings>Sensors>Doors>Edit on the sensor you wish to increase the entry delay for.  However, if she triggers the motion detector, it will set off the alarm immediately. 

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