Carbon Monoxide Detector Loss of Supervision

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What is it?  

Loss of supervision means that your sensor(s) are not communicating with your Hub properly.  Your Hub and Alarm panel will alert you whenever it loses connection with any of your sensors.

What causes it & How to resolve it?  

There are a few contributing factors that can cause a Loss of Supervision

The Sensor is too far away from the Hub or there are too many walls or floors between the Sensor and the Hub

  • First, we recommend all sensors be mounted within 100 feet of your Hub.  If it is further than this or if there are many walls or floors between your sensor and the hub it can result in poor communication strength and the Hub may not detect your sensor. In essence, minimize the number of obstructions between your sensor and the Hub if at all possible. 

A low battery in the sensor

  • If the sensor’s battery is low or has completely died, the signal may not be strong enough to make its way to the Hub. You should have received an alert from your Alarm panel or App to indicate the battery in the device is low and should be changed.

Certain Building Materials like aluminum siding or Ductwork could cause signal interference

  • Certain Metallic Surfaces can deflect sensor signals away from the hub and cause a Loss of Supervision. We recommend that you do not install your sensor on a Metallic surface, Near the Ductwork of the home.

Radio Transmitting Devices could cause signal interference

  • Certain Radio Transmitting devices (HAM Radios, Baby Monitors, even Microwaves) may be broadcasting on a similar frequency as our sensors and could cause interference with the wireless connection from the sensor to the Hub. If there is a radio transmitting device near that sensor, attempt to relocate that item or the sensor to a different location. 

Non-Temperature controlled environments

  • Our sensors are intended to operate in temperature-controlled environments with controlled humidity levels. Avoid mounting sensors in garages, outside, or in bathrooms. 
  • If your sensor is located near a window or door and on days of extreme temperature (outside of the 32-110 degree range), you may encounter a Loss of Supervision. If this happens we recommend moving the sensor to a more temperature-controlled environment. 
  • Abnormal damage to the sensor can cause irregular activity
    • Sensors that have fallen off doors or walls could damage the internal components and prevent the sensor from functioning.
    • To prevent this please make sure to follow mounting instructions for your sensors. 

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