Modifying Monitoring Transmission

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Understanding Transmission Delay

  • When a sensor is triggered on your alarm system, the Cove Touch panel has an option to delay alarm transmission to the monitoring center. This can be altered to however long you think you'll need if you are encountering a lot of false alarms. If you accidentally trigger your alarm system you will have 0 seconds before a signal is sent to our monitoring station unless a delay is added.
  • The transmission delay setting does not apply to smoke or flood sensors, which will always transmit an immediate signal to the central monitoring station.
  • If you disarm your system during the transmission delay time frame, the Cove Touch panel screen will notify you that the alarm was aborted and the central monitoring station will NOT attempt to contact you.
  • You can adjust the transmission delay at any time in the transmission delay setting.

Adjusting Transmission Delay

  1. Tap "Settings" (On the top right-hand corner of your panel)
  2. Enter in your four-digit master code
  3. Select "System"
  4. Select "Exit Delay"
  5. Increase/Decrease the Transmission Delay with the + and - symbols. 
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