Installing Your Cove Security System

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Setup only takes about 30 minutes! Watch our walkthrough video to see how it works.

Installing the System


How to Set Up Your System

1. Locate your home Wi-Fi router and a nearby outlet.

Plug your hub into the outlet, then connect the included ethernet cable from the hub to your router. Wait for the network connectivity light to turn green.

2. Plug in your alarm panel.

Plug your panel into a standard AC outlet. Wait for the onscreen installation guide to begin. Note: If you have multiple alarm panels, make sure to complete the entire installation guide on one panel before plugging in your additional panels.

3. Follow the onscreen installation guide.

These instructions will walk you through adding and placing your sensors around your home. Our 24/7 monitoring team will call you once your system has been installed.

Adding Your Eufy Cameras

1. Download the Eufy Security app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and tap “Sign Up,” then follow the instructions to create your Eufy sign-in.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

2. Add your cameras.

After you log in. tap “Add Devices” to connect your cameras to your app. See below for product quick start guides.

Eufy Indoor Camera

Eufy Outdoor Camera

Eufy Doorbell Camera

3. Follow the In-App Instructions

The Eufy Security app will walk you through setting up your cameras quickly.

Now Log Into Your Account

Download the Cove Connect App

Once your system has been installed, you’ll receive a text message from Cove with your login username and password.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Explore Your Online Portal

Your portal is where you can add and update your billing information, order new equipment, and refer your friends to Cove for some free account credit!

Log into my portal

Additional Resource Videos

How to Install the Hub

Learn about your system hub, its key features, and how to use it.


How the Alarm Panel Works

Get to know your alarm panel, including arming and disarming your system, and navigating the system.


Mounting Your Alarm Panel

If you’d like to mount your alarm panel on the wall, check out this video.


Installing the Secondary Siren

The secondary siren helps you hear your alarm no matter where you are in your home. See how it works and how to install it.


Using the Cove Connect App

Learn how to log in, arm and disarm your system, add equipment, manage users, and more!


Creating Customized Scenes

“Scenes” is a function available through the app and your alarm panel. It allows you to customize automatic arming schedules for your system.

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