How It Works - Flood Freeze

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The Flood + Freeze sensor has two environmental detection components

  1. The Flood component detects pooling water as it makes contact across the copper probes on the bottom of the sensor. This allows early detection of plumbing leaks and other household water issues.
  2. The Freeze component detects temperatures below 41 degrees that could cause water pipes to burst. This can cause possible damage to other structures or belongings in the home.

Flood + Freeze FAQ

The sensor can be placed in a humid environment, however, be sure that water does not condense anywhere on the sensor.


  • If you had a flood, please dry out the sensor. 
  • To dry your sensor, place it on a towel for 24 hours.
  • If you have issues with false alarms after drying, call Support 855.268.3669.


This feature will detect:

  • A 10-degree decrease in temperature in one minute
  • A fixed temperature of 41 degrees for three minutes
  • If these events occur three times within 10 minutes
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