How It Works - Glass Break

Glass Break detectors use a microphone to hear certain sound frequencies emitted by glass when it breaks, cracks, or shatters. For this reason, we do NOT recommend installing this sensor in the hallway.

Glass Break FAQ

These sensors have a 15ft unobstructed hearing range. We recommend their use:

  • In areas with a high concentration of glass doors and windows
  • For windows that do not open
  • For roll-out windows with a crank handle

Test Mode

You can place your glass break detector in test mode by pressing and holding the button on the side of the sensor for 3 seconds.

Light Indicators


Sounds that can Trigger the Detector

  • A small dog barking
  • Very loud cat hissing
  • Toys or other plastic/metal objects hitting each other or the floor
  • Piano music
  • Television sounds
  • Squeaky door hinges
  • Sneezing
  • Nearby fireworks

Call 855.268.3669 for additional assistance or you can email Support from the Contact Us page

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  • Arm Stay in Night. Does that enable the Glass break sensors too? Or just the window and door sensors 

      • CoveAdmin
      • Dallin
      • 6 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Jonathan Gonzalez Great question. Arm stay does enable the Glass Break sensors as well. 

  • I have a turtle tank located in front of my window with a water filter that makes a fountain sound, will that interfere with the sensor? Will it be mistaken for glass shattering? Also will sounds from the TV cause that as well if it was in Stay mode and we were watching TV?

      • CoveAdmin
      • Dallin
      • 5 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Tabetha Lewis Thanks for the question. We love questions. Any sound that can hit the frequency of glass breaking, can, in theory, set off the glass break sensor.

      Based on our experience, there are not noises emitted from a fish tank that has the frequency of glass breaking. With the TV situation, if the system was armed and you were watching the TV, that is possible I suppose, but not likely. At least you will know it is working if someone broke some glass in a movie and caused your glass break sensor to go off:).