Create or Update Hostage Passcode

  • updated 11 mths ago

The Hostage Passcode is used in the event of a hostage situation. If the system is in an unarmed state (also during armed states) the Hostage Passcode can be entered to access your settings to silently send a duress signal to the monitoring center. This code also disarms the system which serves to pacify the intruder. Never test your system using this code, as there is no way to cancel the dispatch of emergency services once it has been entered!

How to Create/Update Hostage Passcode

  1. Tap "Settings" (On the top right-hand corner of your panel)
  2. Enter in your four-digit master code
  3. Select "User Passcodes"
  4. Select "Create"
  5. Enter desired four-digit hostage passcode (you will be asked to verify this code again for accuracy)
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