Panel Sound Settings

We designed this panel with you in mind. It has everything you love about security and the ability to modify everything you don't.

  • You can increase/decrease the Panel Volume (or turn it on or off)
  • You can turn on/off your Chime Sound/Door Noise (or turn it on or off for all sensors)
  • You can increase/decrease the Touch Screen Volume (or turn it on or off)
  • You can turn on/off Voice Sound for (all sensors)
  • You can change Male/Female Voice Sound to either a male voice or a female voice
  • You can Test your Siren from this page to make sure it is working properly.

Changing Panel Sound Preferences

  1. Tap "Settings" (On the top right-hand corner of your panel)
  2. Enter in your four-digit master code
  3. Select "System"
  4. Select "Sounds"
  5. Update your sound preferences (or test your siren) by navigating this screen. You can turn On/Off the sounds you prefer, increase/decrease the Panel Volume, or adjust the Touch Screen Volume with the + and - symbols.
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