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This sensor detects the movement of heat in its field of vision. The system has two arm modes, Arm Away and Arm Stay. In away mode, the motion sensor detects movement and will trigger an alarm. In stay mode, the motion detector is not active and will not trigger an alarm. To preserve battery life, the sensor will go inactive for three minutes after it has been triggered.

Motion Sensor FAQ

Due to the sensor's heat sensitivity, we recommend NOT installing the sensors:

  • In direct sunlight
  • Facing a window
  • In a room where many animals gather or are active
  • Near an air vent while warm air is on
  • Near a shelf or high furniture that small pets can climb onto
  • In an area of the home where water can condense on the sensor

Test Mode

You can place your sensor in test mode by:

  1. Removing the back of the motion sensor by pressing the clip that is inside of the hole on the bottom of the sensor
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Hold down the Tamper switch and re-insert the battery
  4. Put the sensor back together

Once in test mode, whenever the sensor senses motion a RED dot will appear on the front, and the sensor's normal 3-minute cooldown will be reduced to 15 seconds. In order to have the sensor resume normal function:

  1. Remove and re-insert the battery without holding the Tamper switch

Additional FAQ

  • Won't register animals below 25-45 lbs., sensitivity can be changed in the back of the sensor
  • Has a horizontal (side-to-side) angle of vision set at 90 degrees
  • Has a range forward of about 35-45 feet, it can see downward at an angle of about 45 degrees but not upward.
  • Has a 3-minute cool down after sensing any motion to save battery. During these 3 minutes, whether armed or unarmed, the sensor will be inactive


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