Resetting Cove Panel

Resetting the Cove Panel

This article covers both a soft and hard reset. Most of the time, a soft reset will resolve the panel issue.  In some cases, a hard reset might be needed. We recommend trying a soft reset first.

Soft Reset

To complete a soft reset of your panel , please follow the instructions below. The system must be DISARMED in order to complete a soft reset.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Disarm the system.
  • Press and hold both the Home button and Phone button for five seconds until the screen changes and says, "To reset the system please enter your master passcode."
  • Enter your master passcode within 10 seconds of the screen prompting you to do so.
  • The screen should turn dark. If your panel is still plugged in, the screen will temporarily turn blue and then take you back to the home screen.

Most of the time, a soft reset will resolve the issue. A hard reset might be needed. If so, follow the steps below.


Hard Reset

To complete a hard reset of your panel and for information about how to remove the back of the panel, please follow the instructions below. You must first remove the mounting stand, whether it be the table mount or the wall mount. Pull down on the mount it will click out of place and you can continue with the steps below. 

Step by Step Instructions

  • Remove the backplate from the Cove Touch panel.

  • Carefully unplug the AC power cord (Micro USB) from the outlet

  •  Carefully unplug the backup battery cable from its terminal

  • Once the panel is powered off completely, plug the A/C power back into the terminal.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes and then plug the backup battery cable back into the terminal.
  • Replace backplate.

**Wait for 3-4 minutes before continuing to ensure the panel has properly boot up. **

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