How to Bypass Sensors

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Understanding Bypass Sensors

Bypassing a sensor allows the alarm system to temporarily ignore a particular sensor. The system can arm stay or arm away and monitor all other sensors except those that are bypassed. This is used frequently when a sensor is malfunctioning or if a user wants to leave a window or door open during an arming cycle. For example, if you have a BBQ in the backyard, you can arm your system everywhere else in the home but leave the back door disarmed. You and your guests can then freely enter the back door without having to arm and disarm the system each time. 

There are two different types of bypasses. You can either bypass sensors temporarily, which means that you are only bypassing the sensors for one arming cycle. Or, you can bypass sensors long term, meaning the sensors will remain bypassed indefinitely, or until you turn off the bypass. We will demonstrate how to achieve both. 

Bypassing Sensors Temporarily

  • Open the sensors you wish to bypass temporarily. 
  • Your system status will read, "Hang on, your "sensor 1" is open."
  • If you have multiple sensors open, the system status will read, “Hang on, you have multiple sensors that are open.” 
  • Tap "Check Status" to display a list of all sensors and their statuses.
  • To bypass all open sensors, tap “Bypass, Stay” or “Bypass, Away.”
  • The 60-second exit delay will begin and the panel will announce all sensors that have been bypassed.
  • Bypassed sensors will remain bypassed until you disarm your panel.

Bypassing Sensors Long Term

If you would like to keep a window open or have the system overlook an individual sensor for an extended period of time, follow these instructions:

  1. Tap "Settings" (On the top right-hand corner of your panel)
  2. Enter in your four-digit master code
  3. Select "Sensors"
  4. Select "EDIT" next to the desired sensor
  5. Select "On or Off" next to Long Term Bypass
  6. This sensor will remain bypassed until you turn off the bypass by repeating these steps and choosing "OFF"


Bypassing Sensors having Issues on the App

Try removing the sensor and then adding it back again. 

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