Camera Minimum Upload and Download Speeds

  • updated 2 mths ago

In order for your cameras to function properly, your internet connection must meet certain upload and download speed requirements.

The chart below shows our recommendations for the minimum upload and download speed, depending on how many cameras you have. If you have multiple devices on your network and your cameras will not connect or stay connected, please check your network speed and compare it to the table below. 

# Cameras (Indoor/Outdoor)

Minimum Upload and Download speed required


2.0 mbps upload and download


4.0 mbps upload and download


6.0 mbps upload and download


8.0 mpbs upload and download

Please note that you are more likely to experience complications if you are trying to keep three or more cameras continually connected to your network.

There are 3 ways we recommend checking your internet speed. 

  1. You can check through speedtest.net. Click on the “Go” icon and it will start the test to show your network speed.

  2. You can visit Google’s speed test at this link

You can also access Google’s speed test by scanning the QR code below:

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