Smoke + CO General Troubleshooting

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This article addresses some of the more common concerns you may come across and how to fix them. If your question isn’t addressed in this document, please call us at 855-268-3669 and we can help

My Panel and Sensor are Reporting a Loss of Supervision

Loss of supervision means the panel is having a difficult time trying to communicate with the Smoke + CO device. Please try the suggestions listed in the article- Smoke + CO Loss of Supervision.

My Sensor is Reporting a Low Battery. How do I change the Batteries?

The sensor’s battery life runs roughly 2.5-5 years depending on usage. If the panel reports that low battery you can see how to change it in the article- How to change the Smoke + CO batteries.

What does the Beeping/Flashing Light Combination Mean?

Below is a chart that lists the different possibilities for flashing lights and chirping noises. Please count the seconds between flashes and chirps to determine what alert it is reporting.

How long is the life of the device?

The detector has a 10-year life expectancy. Once it has reached the end of life, it will chirp every 48 seconds and flash the YELLOW LED 5 times every 12 seconds. The detector will need to be replaced.


The sensor is triggering a false alarm.

For false alarm assistance, please refer to this article. If multiple false alarms are occurring with the same device, please call us at 855-268-3669. We would want to look into why it is triggering and offer you the best solution to fix it.

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