Equipment Warranty Information

  • updated 1 yr ago

This article contains information about the 1-year and lifetime warranties available with Cove’s two monitoring plans.

Limited Warranty

Cove’s limited warranty is available with the Cove Basic monitoring plan. To qualify for this warranty, you must have bought your security system directly from Cove, or from one of our approved distribution partners. This warranty will last one year from the date of purchase. It covers defects in materials and workmanship but does not cover battery defects. 

Cove is not responsible for damage to other pieces of property resulting from the use of our products.

All products returned for warranty service require a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Contact Returns at 1-855-268-3669 for an RA# and other important details.

Please note that you must return your equipment to us in order to receive replacement parts.

Lifetime Warranty

Cove’s lifetime warranty is essentially the same as the limited warranty, except it will last for the duration of your time as a Cove customer. The lifetime warranty is only available for Cove Plus plan customers.

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