Deleting, Resetting, and Re-adding Cameras

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How to Delete the Camera

  1. Go to the camera’s live feed. If the live feed doesn’t load, that is okay. Click on the “Settings” icon (gear icon) at the top right.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on “Delete Camera” It will ask if you are sure you want to delete the camera. Select “OK” (Please note that all recordings sent to the cloud are not erased when you delete the camera. Once the camera is re-added, you can still access it, and if you have an SD card, it will still be stored on there as well.)

How to Reset the Camera

  • If you are resetting your Cove Indoor Camera (the smaller camera with a black base), use a small paper clip or something narrow to press the button in the reset hole. The reset hole is located on the back of the camera in the top left corner next to one of the screw holes. It will have the words “Reset” next to it. Press and hold the paperclip in that slot for roughly 6 seconds or until it reports “Reset is Successful” (Please note that the camera must be powered on for the other steps to be successful).


  • If this is the Cove Outdoor Camera - Unscrew the back and remove the camera. Under the rim of the camera, where it screws together, there is a tiny hole near the SD card slot. You should see an image of a circular arrow. Once you locate that hole, insert a small paperclip or something narrow until you feel the internal button and hear a small click. Press and hold this button for 6 seconds and release. The camera will say, “Reset is successful” if the reset worked. (Please note, the batteries must be inserted and the camera has to be powered on for this to work.)


How to Re-add and Pair the Camera

  • For the Cove Indoor Camera, Click Here and follow the instructions.
  • For the Cove Outdoor Cameras, Click Here and follow the instructions.

If You Cannot Delete the Camera

  1. Close the app you are currently using and pull it back up. Try again.
  2. Sometimes, the camera does get deleted, but it still displays on the list of cameras. You just need to refresh the screen on the main app page.
  3. If your camera is still showing after refreshing, sign out of the Cove app, then sign back in.
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