How to Mount Your Outdoor Camera

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The purpose of this article is to explain how to mount the Outdoor Camera.

To mount your camera:

  1. Use the provided anchors and screws to mount the base. If your wall is wooden, you can screw in the base directly. Attach your camera to the camera base and secure it by rotating clockwise.
  2. Screw the camera onto the base of the mount by twisting the camera onto the base in a clockwise motion.
  3. Adjust the camera to your preferred view angle.

While mounting, pay attention to the following:

  1. Avoid installing the camera with the lens facing direct sunlight.
  2. Mind any plants or objects that may obstruct the view.
  3. Mount the camera within a 33 foot (10meter) range of your Wi-Fi router. The shorter the distance between your Wi-Fi router and your camera, the better the performance of your camera.

If you run into any trouble, or if any equipment is damaged during the mounting process, please reach out to Customer Support.

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