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There are two parts to these sensors. The bigger piece is the sensor that communicates with the panel, and the small piece is a magnet. The sensor detects the magnet; if the magnet is too far away from the sensor, it will not read Open and Closed properly on the panel. These sensors are typically used to cover perimeter entrance points and will chime/announce when the sensor is open.

Door Window FAQ

Since one of the pieces is a magnet, we recommend NOT placing the sensor:

  • On a metal or aluminum surface
  • More than an inch apart (recommend 3/4 inch)
  • On a door or window that does not open
  • Do not place the larger sensor on a window that will receive direct sunlight (we do not want the sensor to get overheated) 

If you must place the sensor on a metal surface, we recommend:

  • Using a spacer to mount the sensor (provided by Cove)
  • Using magnetic tape to mount the sensor 

Additional FAQ

  • Same Hardware is used for the door and window sensors
  • Doors have a default of 30 seconds Entry Delay
  • A Door must be triggered during Exit Delay when Arming Away, if a window is triggered the alarm will go off


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