Installing Smoke + CO Detectors

Step by Step Guide

If you are adding new equipment to your alarm system, make sure you have already added the Smoke + CO to your alarm system before you install the piece of equipment.

Common Installation Locations

  • Bedroom
  • Hallway
  • Main Living Spaces


Do not install Smoke + CO Detectors in the following areas:

  • Within 5 feet of any cooking appliance
  • Next to a door or window that would be affected by drafts
  • In or below a cupboard
  • Outside the home
  • Where airflow would be obstructed by curtain, partition, or furniture
  • Where dirt or dust could collect and block the detector
  • Where it could be knocked, damaged, or inadvertently removed


Best Practices

  • Within 10 feet of sleeping areas and in bedrooms that contain fuel-burning appliances
  • If the appliance or room is not normally used, such as a boiler room, the detector should be placed just outside the room so the alarm can be heard.
  • Ceiling Mount-place the detector at least 12 inches from any wall (measured from the closest outside edge of the detector). The green area below indicates proper placement.
  • Wall Mount- place the detector at least as high as a light switch and at least 6 inches from the ceiling (measured from the closest outside edge of the detector). The green area below indicates proper placement.

Installing Smoke + CO

  1. Consult the user manual included in your packaging for detailed installation, testing, and maintenance instructions.
  2. If you are going to use the adhesive:
    1. remove the adhesive backing.
    2. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds.
  3. If you are going to use the screws:
    1. Once a suitable location has been identified, install the mounting base on the ceiling or wall using the 2 screws and anchors provided.
    2. Fit the Detector on the mounting base and turn clockwise until the detector clicks into place and the alignment notches are aligned.

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