Installing Window Sensors

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Step-by-Step Guide

if you are adding new equipment to your alarm system, make sure you have already added this Window Sensor to your alarm system before you install this piece of equipment.

Common Installation Locations


Do not install sensors:

  • In a non-climate-controlled area
  • On a metal or aluminum surface
  • More than 1" apart

Best Practice

  • Place the magnet on the window that opens or slides. Place the contact sensor on the frame.
  • Align the two semi-circles from the contact sensor and magnet with one another
  • If your window frame is too narrow it might be better to reverse the sensors (magnet on the frame, contact sensor on the window)
  • If needed, place either piece at a 90-degree angle as long as the pieces are less than 1" apart

Installing Window Sensor

  1. Consult the user manual included in your packaging for detailed installation, testing, and maintenance instructions
  2. Clean surfaces of the window and molding before placing the sensor
  3. Remove the adhesive backing
  4. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds

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