Eufy Indoor Camera

  • updated 7 mths ago

Introducing the new Eufy Indoor Mini 2K camera.

The Eufy Indoor Mini 2K camera includes a variety of features, including:

  • 2K resolution—for clear live streaming and video recording around your home.
  • Automated pan and tilt functions—to monitor different areas of your home with one camera.
  • AI human detection—to notify you only when humans are detected around your camera.
  • Home privacy mode—to turn off the camera or adjust the angle for greater privacy when you return to your home.


Pan and Tilt Power

The camera has a built-in pan and tilt function to view almost 360 degrees. You can adjust the speed at which the camera rotates and set a default viewing location as well as a “private” location for the camera to point at while it is in privacy mode. 

Activity Zones

If you have high traffic going into your home, you can prevent your camera from triggering a notification every time someone walks through a door by selecting which areas the camera should pay attention to, and which ones it should ignore.


24/7 Continuous Recording

With a MicroSD card inserted into the camera, you have the ability to record continuously and access previously recorded footage. The oldest footage automatically erases once the SD card is full. 

*SD card not included with the camera.



Product Description:

Eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2k Product Sales Page (available at Best Buy) 


Eufy Indoor Camera FAQ (Common Questions and Answers):


(Please note that the physical shape of the camera in this article refers to a different model but operationally functions the same.) 


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