Post-Purchase Customer Emails

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From the time you order your system, to when you finally get your system fully installed, we’ll reach out to you with several emails. Some of these emails will contain essential information about your new security system, while others will contain other offers. Here’s a quick list of the emails that you should make sure to keep an eye out for.

Order Confirmation: Triggered by ordering

After your order is placed, we’ll send you an email with your order details. This email will operate as a receipt and should contain an estimated time frame for your order to ship. The email will also contain your confirmation number and a list of the equipment that you have ordered, the address for delivery, and the safe word to your account. Please review carefully to ensure that your order is correct.

Permit Information: Triggered by ordering

The next email you will receive will be titled, “New Home Security Permit Information.” This email will contain important information about the monitoring station that would be required for your permit application. Please contact your state or county before installing your new home security system. This email will also contain some preliminary information about your homeowner’s insurance discount. For more information on the alarm permit, please visit this article.

Customer Portal Sign Up: Triggered by ordering

The next important email that you will receive is titled, “Portal Signup ##### - Cove.” You will need to use this email to sign up for your new customer portal account. To get started, click on the “Create My Password” button and create your password. From the customer portal, you’ll be able to access your billing information, package tracking information, referral program information, and knowledge base. For more information on the customer portal, please see these articles.

Shipping Notification: Triggered by shipping

Your shipping notification email will come next. This email is titled, “Cove Order Has Shipped ####.” This email will contain an estimated shipping timeframe, your shipping address, and a list of all the equipment that is shipping with your package. Please review this information carefully to ensure that your shipping address is correct and your package contains the correct equipment. If anything is missing, you can contact our customer service team.

Professional Installation Email: Triggered by shipping

If you selected professional installation for your system during checkout, you should receive an email titled, “Have You Scheduled Your Cove Installation Yet?” This email contains a link to schedule your professional installation. Click “Book My Installation” to get your appointment with HelloTech scheduled. For more information on professional installation, visit this article.

Order Delivered: Triggered by delivery

Once your order has been delivered, you will receive another confirmation email. This email will also contain a link to a video with installation instructions. At this point, you should set up your home security system.

Certificate Email: Triggered once your system is installed

Once your system is installed, you should receive an email from Cove containing a certificate. You can forward this certificate to your homeowner’s insurance provider to qualify for a discount. Many insurance companies will give you a discount for installing a home security system. You can also trigger the email to auto-send by testing your system

Successful Payment: Triggered by your first payment

You will receive a notification letting you know once your first monthly payment has been processed. After this point, your preferred payment method will be billed monthly until you cancel your monitoring service.

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