Panic Alert On Key Remote (SOS)

  • updated 1 yr ago

The SOS panic alert sends an emergency signal to the monitoring station whether your alarm is armed or not.

Disabling the SOS button in the panel settings will turn this feature off. 

How to Use the SOS Panic Alert

  1. Press and hold the SOS button for three seconds twice within a 10 second window 
  2. This will trigger the alarm siren and send an emergency signal to the central monitoring station.

How to Disable the SOS Panic Alert Button

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Enter your "4-digit Master Passcode"
  3. Select "Sensors"
  4. Select "Remotes"
  5. Tap EDIT next to the Remote you wish to change
  6. On the SOS Button row tap "ON or OFF"
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