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Features available on the Home Page

  • Track a Package
  • Payment Information
  • Referral Program
  • Providing Feedback
  • Help/Knowledge Base
  • Phone Number
  • Menu Bar


Track a Package


If you have recently placed an order, you can check the status of that order on this page. It also provides a link to track the package via Fedex. 

Payment Information

Here you can see the payment history or a brief overview of payments made on the account. You can also see when the last payment date was as well as the next billing amount and what is due as well as make a payment if you are past due. This is just an overview of the billing on the account and is not the entire billing history/information. For more information on the billing, please refer to the “Billing” tab. If you need help on how to make a payment. Please refer to the Portal- Make a payment Article.
What if you don't see this information?

  • Make sure you are clicking on “View Payment History”.
  • Make sure you have an active account.

Referral Program

Share your referral link on the home page of your Cove Portal with a friend, coworker, or family member. For more information, please visit: Love Cove? Refer A Friend - Get A Free Month

Providing Feedback

We love customers who provide us with feedback and opportunities to improve. We have a dedicated section where you can provide those opportunities for growth.

Where Does this Feedback Go?

  • "While we use this feedback to improve your experience, we are unable to respond to individual messages. If you need an immediate response, please contact us at 855.268.3669"
  • This submits feedback to our Developing team. We will not be able to respond to the feedback you provided. 


Help/Knowledge Base Content

  • These are direct links to the knowledge base. This will make easier access for you to find solutions to their own problems before picking up the phone to call us. 


Our Phone Number

It’s our phone number. It is hyperlinked so if they have skype or a phone calling program or application on the device you are using to connect you to that app or program to call us.

Menu Bar

The menu bar at the top is used to switch between separate tabs on the portal. It’s a quick way to go from downloading a user manual, to checking your billing date, to purchasing a new smoke detector (in development). The options available are:

  • Home- The home page of the portal. You can see a brief overview of billing history, a referral program (Under Construction), and self-help options.
  • My Account- Used to update account information (phone numbers, verbal password, etc.) as well as upgrade/downgrade your subscription
  • Billing- Here you can see your payment information and modify any payment information, as well as make a payment and modify your monitoring plan and the due date for billing.
  • Documents- You can download your certificate of installation(under development) and download the user manual.
  • Equipment- Gives you how much credit you have accumulated (if you are on the plus monitoring plan), and purchasing additional equipment. (Still under Construction - Not available in our current build)
  • House Icon- Gives you the ability to see your account number as well as linking another account (If you have more than one account in your name), and Sign out.
  • “Cove”- links you straight to the covesmart.com sales site.
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