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This article explains what you can update your account information in the "My Account" tab of the Online portal. 

My Account

  • Account number: This shows your account number.
  • Name on Account: This is the name on the Account or rather the name of the person whose ID it is associated with.
  • Monitored Address: The address where the system is located.
  • Phone number: The primary phone number on the account.
  • Email: The primary email on the account.
  • Verbal Passcode: The verbal passcode on the account.
  • Shipping Address: The address to ship additional products.
  • Emergency Contact: The emergency contacts to contact after the primary account holder during an alarm event.
  • Medical Info (In Development): Additional information our Monitoring agents can provide to the dispatching authorities.
  • Portal Password: The current password to log into the portal.covesmart.com site.
  • Monitoring Plan: What Monitoring plan you are currently using.
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