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This article explains what is included in the Equipment Tab on the online Portal.


What’s included: 

  • Equipment Rewards

  • Purchasing Equipment

Equipment Rewards

This section will let you know how much reward they have accumulated including the Reward History. This feature will not be available if you are on the basic monitoring plan.

Purchasing Additional Equipment

Here you can purchase additional equipment. The layout shares the same equipment checkout page as the initial order checkout page. 

If you would like to order additional equipment and are within the first 60 days of service,  you qualify for any equipment discounts that is active on the website at that time.  You may also receive a 50% discount on indoor and outdoor cameras regardless of the 60 period. This exception does not apply to doorbell cameras. 

How to purchase Equipment:

  1. Go to the equipment tab. Click on “Buy Equipment”

  2. If you have Cove Credit, you can use that credit towards the purchase. If you want to use it towards the current purchase, select “Apply To Your total”. If you want to keep accumulating for a larger purchase down the road, select “Save For another time”. (Please note this option will only appear if you are on the plus plan. If you are on the basic plan, skip to step 3.)

  3. Choose your desired item and select the quantity. Go to the bottom of the page to see your final price for check out. When you are ready to check out click “Continue to Checkout”

  4. It will bring up a new page for you to submit the order.

    •  If you want to review what is in the order, click “Review order.” If you find that it is not what you requested or would like to make a change click “Back to Equipment”.

    • Confirm that the shipping address is correct to send the equipment. If you need it changed click “Use a Different Address” and then if that needs to be updated as the new shipping address, check the “Set as new shipping address."

    • Finally you can choose the card to charge the order on. If you need it on a separate card, click on “Add a new card” and fill out the required information.

  5. When all of the information is filled out and you verified everything is correct and ready to place the order, click on “Place Order” to submit the order.

  6. Once the order has been processed a confirmation email will be sent to your email shortly with detailed information on what was on the order and when to expect it to arrive.


  1. Is there a discount on the site for equipment?
    • If you are within the first 60 days of your order placement, we will honor the same sale price that you purchased your equipment under. 
  2. Can I use just a portion of the accumulated credit towards that purchase?
    • This current build only supports the entire amount of credit or no credit to be used for that purchase.
  3. Why do I still have to pay even though I have enough credit to cover the entire purchase?
    • The Cove credit covers the cost of the equipment. The credit does not apply towards shipping costs.
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