Smoke/Heat/Freeze Troubleshooting

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Most of the problems our customers experience with Cove sensors can be placed in one of the following categories:

  • Low Battery
  • Loss of Supervision
  • Tamper
  • False Alarm

Our customers have extensive resources available to them through the Help Center. This article contains steps that should be taken after basic troubleshooting failed to resolve the issue and before replacing the sensor.

Low Battery

  1. Replace batteries (3x AAA)
  2. If batteries have been replaced recently, replace the sensor

Loss of Supervision/Malfunction:

  1. Tamper the Smoke detector to test if it reports at Touch Panel by pressing the TEST/HUSH button.
  2. Replace batteries (3x AAA)
  3. Use a 345 repeater to boost the radio signal. 
  4. Replace the sensor

 The sensor is Not Triggering Alarm:

  1. Verify that the serial number matches in Touch Panel and on the sensor
  2. Replace batteries (3x AAA)
  3. Ensure that the sensor is not within 6 inches of the ceiling if wall mounted
  4. If mounted on the ceiling the detector should be at least 6 inches from any wall
  5. If the sensor will not work, replace the sensor

 Sensor Tamper:

  1. Verify that sensor and mounting plate are secured properly 
  2. Manually depress tamper switch to test if it reports at Touch Panel
  3. The tamper switch is malfunctioning, replace the sensor

The sensor is Setting off False Alarms:

  1. Check that sensor was not installed: Directly above a sink, cooker, stove, or oven Within 5 feet (1.5m) of any cooking appliance Next to a door or window that would be affected by drafts, fan, or air vent Outside In any environment that does not comply with the detector’s environmental specifications In a small enclosed area. Where airflow would be obstructed by partitions, large structural beams, or furniture. Where dirt or dust could collect and block the sensor Where it could be knocked, damaged, or inadvertently removed.
  2. If the sensor continues to cause false alarms, replace the sensor
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